Location, Location

Local search is one of the biggest segments of search traffic today. Businesses can take advantage of this by making sure their ads are front and center when a person is near their business AND searching for their products or services.
Mobile Shopping

The mobile advertising landscape is changing quickly. Local searches, where a person is looking for a local business with a physical location, are arguably still the strongest point for mobile device advertising. However, with search traffic on these devices sky rocketing, we are seeing great results from mobile in eCommerce and lead generation.

If your site is mobile friendly, we can add huge volumes of search traffic generated from your campaigns. Mobile ad features include click-to-call, app extensions, and “directions”. People are using their smartphones more then ever, targeting their searches will only become more critical in the future.

The latest update from Google Shopping is now allowing local businesses to upload their product inventory into the Google Merchant Center. These products will then be displayed in Google Shopping and be highlighted as being available locally. Advertisers can gain customers who want to receive their item as quickly as possible.

The Popular Device

In many homes, desktops computers are collecting dust while family members upgrade their smartphones. Don’t ignore this huge pool of users. They are looking everyday for your business and your products. Since the release of enhanced campaigns, there are now mobile specific ads and ad extensions that can be enabled.

With mobile specific ads, you can highlight the things that a mobile searcher might be more interested in, such as your phone number, store location, or your mobile app.

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