SEM & PPC - Pay Per Click - Search Engine Marketing

Drive a significant percentage of your overall traffic to your site via advertisements on search engines and other properties across the web. You can hold all your PPC campaigns to strict ROI standards in order to ensure these marketing efforts are generating profits for your company.

In order to make your advertising profitable we track every ad click using analytics software, and utilize a wide variety of techniques for optimization and improvement. PPC text ads are still the number 1 advertising product on all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as well as all the smaller search sites (ask, ebay, ehow). You can also use retargeting ads (text & image) on other websites to re-engage your visitors after they have left your site.

Ad Extensions

There are now many many ways to customize your search ads for you business. Ad Extensions are special features such as Locations Extension, Call Extensions, Sitelink Extensions, and Offer Extensions that appear along side you ads. These features can powerfully differentiate your ads from your competitors.

We will find the best ad extensions for your business and roll them out in conjunction with your highly targeted campaigns. Learn more about the benefits of ad extensions.

Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads (PLAs) are the ads that make up Google Shopping. Google made an extremely powerful shopping engine when they re released Google Shopping. Advertisers benefit from high impression and low cost per click (CPCs).

This combination opens up many categories of products that other CSEs have made too expensive for advertisers. Local retailers can also take advantage of PLAs. They can upload their inventory and those products will be shown to people searching online near those local businesses.

Partner Search Networks

Both Google Ads and Bing Ads have options to run ads on their Partner Search Networks. These networks are comprised of 3rd tier search engines (,, …) and other non-traditional search sites (Google maps, ebay, …).

Collectively, the partner networks deliver more impressions then Google and Bing/Yahoo respectively. Therefore the potential exists for incremental conversions at target CPAs.

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